Lots of Marketing. Little Results? Let's Change That!

When you started your business,
you wanted to inspire, to teach, to heal.

Suddenly, you’re an online marketer.

How did that happen?

Between Facebook groups, Twitter, Periscope, and blogging
– all free ‘content’, I might add –

You barely get to do the work you love.

And, what’s worse, you’re not making money.

Maybe it’s time to try a different way.


c Sandra WayneI tried other coaches and so many variations on a theme of starting a business. They left me feeling like a failure – all the time. It was not pleasant.

I was close to giving up, and SO glad I didn’t.

Nneka’s easy-going, yet direct style, allowed me the space along with enough structure to figure out what was important to me and the best steps to take moving forward. She walked with me every step of the journey and has truly been a guiding light.

In a few short months of working together, not only did I find my direction, I RAN with it!

In less than a year, I started my own moving company; moved into offices; hired staff including an office admin and project manager; and had SEVERAL 5-figure months!

If you are at all thinking about business coaching, RUN – don’t walk – to work with Nneka.

Introducing . . .

The Woo Biz LEAP!

A Private One-On-One Coaching Session to
Propel Your Woo Biz to the Next Level
WITHOUT Overwhelm

Step 1:

Start with


As a woo biz owner, everything you create starts with your WHY. Your passion. Your impact on the world.

Your business strategy shouldn’t be any different.

We start our journey by affirming your WHY. I’ll help you set goals that align with it.

INTENTION: Reconnect with your WHY. Set soulful, meaningful, doable goals.

I don’t like making or writing goals. In fact, I hate it, but Nneka made the process easy and fun! She guided me step by step to state clearly what I want for my Fabric Art business.

Now, my goals are totally do-able and completely genuine.

Nneka took off the pressure I always put on myself. Her gentle guidance is so clear and non-judgmental. Working with her is like holding a mirror up and reflecting back your true goals and intentions for your life.

Step 2:


Where You Are

Repeat after me…

“I am where I am and that’s okay.” ~ Abraham Hicks

You may be standing in a hopeful place or a scary place. An eager place or a discouraged place.

No matter what, it’s where your journey begins. Right here. Right now.

I’ll walk you through your completed Woo Biz Alignment – what you enjoy about your business, what generates revenue and what doesn’t, what you do for marketing, and, yes, your numbers.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

INTENTION: Clarity. A clear vision of the current state of your business.

When I started working with Nneka, I was the Gluten-Free Coach for several years, but my income was inconsistent.

With simple exercises and clear instructions, Nneka helped me discover where my money was going in my business, how to evaluate whether it fit my values and my priorities, and cut out those expenses that weren’t necessary.

As a result, I’m much clearer about my numbers, my priorities, and my money flow and that has opened up new worlds in my business!

My income is now consistent and I feel very confident that I can easily attract more wealth into my life.


Step 3:


Now that we know what’s working, what you love, and what you want to create, you can L.E.A.P!

I’ll help you:

  • Identify what you can LEVERAGE in your business so that you do more of what you love AND make more money
  • Release limiting beliefs so that you can ELIMINATE what’s emotionally and financially draining
  • Set up systems to AUTOMATE the things you don’t enjoy and, navigate the process of identifying team members to outsource.  If automation or outsourcing aren’t options, I’ll help you figure out how those tasks can be strategically replaced.
  • Discover what lights you up so that you can PEPPER your business with passion dust.

INTENTION: Generate income. Simplify your marketing. Streamline your schedule.

When I started with Nneka, I felt overwhelmed and reactive. I was working on my business 24/7 and my income was hit or miss.

Nneka helped me streamline my schedule and Rhythm Quest offerings; shift my perspective to successfully charge what I’m worth; and breakthrough limited beliefs to offer my services to Fortune 500 companies.

Now, my weekends are free. I have more time to enjoy my son.

I closed my first $15,000 client – WHO PAID IN FULL!

AND, with Nneka’s help, my business income is TEN TIMES what it was last year!



The Woo Biz LEAP!

During the 90-minute Coaching Session,
I’ll guide you through the 3 steps.
Step 1: Start With Heart.
Step 2: Stand Where You Are.
Step 3: LEAP!

By the end, you will:

* Reconnect with your WHY;
* Set soulful, meaningful, doable goals;
* Gain a clear picture of your business today with the Woo Biz Alignment;
* Tailor your marketing to your style and schedule; and
* Know your unique steps to generate income.

Your investment is $297.

Ready to leap to the next level?
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