Woo Biz Quiz

In my first 2 years as a coach, I kept trying all these sexy social media and launch tactics. None of them brought me the promised 6-figure results.

Every time a tactic failed, I doubted myself even more.

I was on the brink of business burnout when I realized something simple.

It wasn't me. Or the tactic. My business just wasn't ready yet.

That's when I decided to cut out the noise and focus on strategies to match my phase of the Woo Biz journey.

A cool thing happened! My business gained momentum.

Clients contacted me to work with them. I started generating consistent income. AND, I built the platform to try some of those sexy strategies.

To help other Woo Biz owners identify what phase you're, I developed the Woo Biz Quiz.

It's the key element no one talks about.

When you know where you are on your Woo Biz Journey you can focus on strategies that quickly grow your business AND feel like the next logical step.

Want to know the strategies that are a fit for your business phase? Find out now!

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Who do you work with?
Which phrase BEST describes you?
Which of these do you spend the MOST time doing in your Woo Biz?
What's your #1 challenge in your Woo Biz?
Which of the following best describes your income?

Enter your Name and Email for your Woo Biz Quiz results and your customized report which reveals:

  • What it means to be in your phase of the Woo Biz Journey
  • The TOP 3 momentum builders to take your Woo Biz to the next level
  • The TOP 3 distractions keeping you stuck
  • Specific tools and resources needed to grow your Woo Biz your phase of the journey
  • How to know when you're ready to move to the next phase