I learned Reiki but I’m not a Reiki master.

My dad’s a trained percussionist but I don’t play a thing.

I’m an avid Aber but I don’t host Law of Attraction workshops.


So what do I do?

I guide woo biz owners

on your JOURNEY to a thriving business.

My systems allow your business to expand

without stifling your creativity.

“Nneka encouraged me to follow my intuition even though it was against what all the “gurus” say. She provided sound solutions to move my business forward AND gave me the space to be authentic.”

~ Frauke Mobius, Kiel, Germany

I’m your intuitive system creator.

Without systems you’ll find yourself scattered and overwhelmed.

You’ll lose energy and momentum and your business won’t grow.

But there’s another way.

One that combines intuition with structure.

I work with you to create systems in your business

by combining over 15 years experience as a system analyst with

a lifetime study in the woo – meditation, Law of Attraction, mindfulness.

Energy to Influence. Space to Create. Systems that Attract.

I want you,

the Reiki masters and Theta healers,

the drummers and chakra aligners,

the EFT practitioners and LOA leaders,

to have the platforms and frameworks

to BOOM your business and impact the world.


Want to know the BEST systems
for where you are on your Woo Biz Journey?
Find out now!