Nneka Kelly, Working Mystic

Nneka Kelly
Hi, I’m Nneka (en-Nay-kah), the founder of Working Mystic. I work with brilliant, busy corporate professionals who want more freedom, joy, and ease in their life.

I LOVE helping clients around the world discover how they want to live – no matter how unconventional it may be – and LIVE that way!

Before starting Working Mystic, I worked as a project manager, systems designer, and coach for 15 years.

Oh! I’m also a woo whiz – everything from meditation and LOA to energy work. And, I run for fun.

Before working with me, clients usually have questions about the results they will get and how I will work with them. I’ve answered a few of those questions below…

Why are you so passionate about helping me create the time, money, and energy to live my life my way?

Because of Naila.

Naila did everything “right”.

She graduated top of her class. She landed a glamourous high-paying job with matching perks. She has a great apartment in a happening city. She’s the pride of her family.

Problem is, she works 60 hour weeks, and is too busy to enjoy life.

When Naila started her career, she was filled with excitement and curiosity. Now, she’s just resentful and exhausted.

EVERY day Naila is tempted to storm upstairs and tell her manager that she quit. (Yes, even the weekends.)

On Saturdays, Naila gets one hour of relief in her yoga class. When she walks in there it feels like all the work crap is left at the door and she can finally create some space in her world to see clearly.

But that’s only an hour after 60 of being soul-less.

It’s not adding up. Something has to change.

Another job? Does she talk to her boss AGAIN about a promotion? A different career?

“No”, she thinks, “I want more than just another job. I want more of that feeling that I have when I’m in the yoga studio.”

“I want meaning. I want fulfillment. I want to feel significant. I want to feel free!”

Sound familiar?

Well, I WAS Naila.

I realized that I could create the time, money, and energy to live my life my way. And…I DID!!!

Today, nothing thrills me more than helping a client find their way.

I LOVE helping my clients land their dream job while realizing a long held desire to have her children grow up with her family.

When a client says, “I became more whole – more me”, AND she doubled her income in the process, well, it lights my fire!

And when a client releases so much resistance to her financial Well-Being that she manifests $14,000 in a month, I’m with her doing the happy dance.

You CAN be free.

You CAN live your life by your rules.

You CAN enjoy material success AND do meaningful work.

It really helps to have someone in your corner to cheer you on – to provide a safe space, unyielding support, and just enough structure for you to design and live your dream life.

Who do you typically work with?

Busy, corporate professionals – like you – who want to live your life YOUR way.

You’re a self-motivated fire cracker who’s hella smart.

You’ve always done the right thing – went to school, got the “good” job, created a 5-year plan for the life you’re “supposed” to live.

On the outside, your life looks great. You’re successful. You make good money. Your job is glamorous.

But, on the inside, you’re feeling frustrated and stuck.

Your desires are burning bright and you’re ready to revolutionize your world. YET…if someone asked you what you want, you wouldn’t be able to tell them.

You just know that you want to do your own thing.

You’ve been searching, and now you recognize that you need some perspective, accountability, and support. While you know you can figure this out, you want to accelerate your growth.

Most of all, you’re READY to commit your time, money, and energy to building the life you desire.

Is there anyone you WON’T work with?

Working with me is not for everyone.

To be successful, you will need to let go of old stories, excuses, reasons and rules that have held you back.

Not everyone is willing to release these.

If you are attached to your story, or you want to argue for your limitations, then I encourage you to work with someone else. Also, if you need a quick fix or want a silver bullet, I encourage you to work with someone else.

Will I have homework?

Why yes, you will!

However, this isn’t head work.

You’ll have assignments to actually take action so that the changes in your life and business STICK.

After you take action, we re-group at the next session. Together, we go over what worked and didn’t work. We make a few small changes. Then, you take action again.

This way, you get faster results by building momentum and shortening your learning curve.

Does this really work?

YES!!! It does!

Here’s just one example of a client success story:

“Before I started working with Nneka, I was very unhappy at my job. I felt like a victim and really trapped. I could not see my value. I was not getting paid enough with my job, or charging enough in my business.

While working with Nneka, I got clear on my finances. This was very important to me. Nneka really walked me through it. She held me accountable. Sorting through my finances helped me to see all the money that I did have, and where it was going.

Nneka worked with me to establish habits to start my day. Now, when I go to my job, I’ve already done the most important things for me. I go to work feeling complete. I feel calm and accomplished.

3 Days after implementing one of the tools Nneka provided, I got a raise!

In business, she helped me to see how much my work was worth and establish my new rates in 3 easy steps.

All told, I doubled my income!

More important than the money, I started to open up. My whole life changed. I became more whole – more me.”

Marina Kogler, Daily Mystic Living
Salzburg, Austria

May I contact your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely! Take a moment to go to the Success Stories page and read all of them. See which ones resonate with you – either because the person got the results you are looking for, or maybe they were in a similar situation when they got started. Feel free to email or call them to ask about their results from working with me.

What results can I expect?

Depending on the coaching package you select, you can expect to:

  • Assess where you are in every area of your life
  • Get clear on HOW you want to live your life (Lifestyle Design)
  • Discover your immediate next best steps
  • Make lasting changes that have been on the back burner for years
  • Get clear on the work you want to do
  • Do work you love AND maintain – even improve – your lifestyle
  • Shift any beliefs standing in the way of your success
  • Create a holistic, long-term vision for your life
  • Overcome challenges that you are facing personally or in business
  • Define your message as you Live Out Loud
  • Spread your message to build your tribe and business
  • Have a safe space to explore your desires
  • Receive encouragement, support, and accountability so that your changes stick
  • Enjoy your life AND your work!

How long will it take to get results?

Your results and when they come are ultimately up to you. They depend on your commitment to your growth and your willingness to release old stories.

That said, virtually all clients see results within the first few sessions in the form of clarity about their desired lifestyle and work. Committed clients even have money manifestations after the very first session.

How are you different from other life coaches?

I like results.

I like it when my clients generate over $10,000 in business income in a month, or when they land their dream job, or when they realize their dream of an in-house studio.

But I LOVE it when my clients realize how important their families are to them and then design their dream job around it. I LOVE it when clients say to me, “I became more whole – more me.” I LOVE it when clients light up with a realization of a rule they can break so that they can be free.

The difference between the AHA moment and the feel it/touch it/see it results is that the AHA moment changes your life FOREVER while the thrill of the result lasts, at most, a month.

Because of that, I respect the woo.

What’s the woo?

It’s knowing that Well-Being abounds. That Well-Being is the Source of all that is. That you have access to Well-Being ALL the time. And that the only thing standing between you and your desires are your beliefs.

So, I combine a lifetime of study in the woo – meditation, Law of Attraction, mindfulness – with over 15 years as a project manager and systems analyst to help you get tangible, feel it/touch it/see it results.

BTW, what does Working Mystic even mean?

Simply put, mindset matters.

Living out loud is THRILLING!!!

It can also be downright scary.

From time to time, you need a safe space to be vulnerable. A space where you can challenge long held beliefs that may no longer serve you. A space to adopt new beliefs.

One of the surprising reasons clients are happy to work with me is that they have a safe space to do the emotional work.

They can be vulnerable without judgement.

More than that, they move past lots of limiting mindsets that they didn’t even know they had because they were so buried.

Working Mystic leverages the woo to create success with ease.

How much do you cost?

Private coaching packages start at $850.

Do you work on a per session basis?

I don’t, and here’s why…

I want to help you live your life your way.

For that, you need to discover what you want your life to look like, take consistent action to create it, and stay committed to your success.

That takes time.

I want to work with you, where do I get started?

Awesome!!! Sounds like you’re ready to live your life your way!

Next step?

Schedule a complimentary Lifestyle Design Session.

It’s a 30-minute session to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

I’m not ready to get started YET. How can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s right for me?

The best way to sample the work that I do is to subscribe to the weekly eZine. In the Working Mystic eZine, I share tips to enjoy success with ease, inspirational stories, and – from time to time – I give readers a peek into how I’m building Working Mystic. It’s a must for brilliant professionals who want more freedom and joy in their life. Subscribe here.