What Robert Kiyosaki Won’t Tell You About the E Quadrant

In 2001, I came across a book that revolutionized the way I thought about work and money. Until then, I was living by the edict, “Go to school, study hard, and get a good job.” Being the overachiever that I am, I excelled. I got my Master’s, graduated magna cum laude, and got a great job with IBM. I did better than anyone in my family did by that age.

By my family’s standards, I was successful.

Then I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I felt immensely resentful. How could they withhold such valuable information from me!!! This whole going to school and getting a good job is such a farce. I’ll be in the E Quadrant FOREVER!!!

While the E (Employee) quadrant is not as sexy as the B (Business) or I (Investing) quadrants, I’ve come to appreciate it. It provides free training, steady income, benefits, capital, structure, and a REAL social network.

When you are living in the E quadrant, you’re on a fixed income. It’s an opportunity to internalize the basics of financial intelligence. With earned income, you can learn how to budget and save. For someone like me who had zero financial education and thought that money is made to be spent, learning what to do with earned income was a significant accomplishment.

What does all this have to do with being a mystic? Acceptance and appreciation for where you are! The longer and harder you resist where you are right now, the longer you will be there. Resistance includes trying with all your might to get out because you absolutely can’t stand it here. It includes prematurely leaving where you are without the bridge to the next step or the tools to get there. Resistance includes beating yourself up for being where you are.

Take a moment to stand where you are and just observe it objectively. There’s good there. What can you use in the situation to help you get where you want to be? What nuggets are ripe for the plucking? Do you see any silver linings?

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

6 Responses to “What Robert Kiyosaki Won’t Tell You About the E Quadrant

  • Taunia
    7 years ago

    Keep up the good work! Your words of wisdom always come at the most opportune time! I remember ‘Rich Dad’, and you have a terrific point of view. Now I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the rat race!

    • Mystic Kelly
      7 years ago

      LOL Taunia! I remember devouring that information, but not having many specifics. I’m going to do another post on what it really takes to retire. When I went to the financial advisor and they told me that in order to retire at 40 I would need 9 million dollars, I was totally discouraged. I immediately started going down other rabbit wholes. Alas, I’ve found a way!

  • In terms of how I feel about my current work-from-home income, I appreciate your words about accepting where you are without resisting it. I have had some moments of gratitude for my life exactly as it is today, and I’m reminded by your post that I need to create more of those moments.


    • Mystic Kelly
      7 years ago

      Many, many moments of appreciation! They are the key to healthy living. We are so programmed to find problems to fix. We need to learn how to find delights to relish in:-)

  • Well, great for you. Yet don’t hate on the rest of us who are grossing $3,000 – $8,354 a month based on INC – Incorporating the Efforts of Others. Once you check the Better Business Bureau and The New York Stock Exchange to see how legit the marketing can be, you might go to work feeling better because of the EXTRA INCOME you can have with that E-Quadrant. Feels good to walk away from a pain in the behind boss when I feel like it and vacation whenever I … as in I, not the company, feel like it. Good luck working.

    • Thanks for the comment:-) It is great that while I build my business, I can appreciate where I am instead of using up my energy resisting it. It is extremely helpful.