If You Don’t Experiment With Your Life Now You’ll Regret It Later

I’m a voracious reader. I love absorbing information, but I love applying it even more. In the past, I read tons of non-fiction and stored it in my brain. All this data was processed day in and day out, not really activated. It wasn’t until my life got stuck that I started to massage the information that was stored in my brain. All this information that I accrued over the years contributed to my belief systems.

I should have a house because it’s a tax break.

I should grow up, get married and have kids.

Carbs are good. Fat is bad. Or is that carbs are bad, fat is good?

All beliefs left unchallenged until I started experimenting with my life. Heck, it wasn’t the way that I wanted it to be anyway! What did I stand to lose?

Approaching your life as an experiment can WILL be scary. It’s been pretty safe so far. You have a house, car, 401K, good job, good friends. Still, you feel as though you are missing something.

When I say experiment, I’m not even referring to something as drastic as quitting your job when you have no anticipated income source. (I already tried that one. I recovered, but I wouldn’t recommend it:-) ) Experimenting is about taking out your beliefs and trying them on all the way.

For example, let’s say you hold a belief that carbs are bad. Why not eliminate all the carbs from your diet for 3 months and really examine how your body feels? You might feel completely energized or totally lethargic. You might not feel any different. Once you feel in your body, for yourself, what the effect of no carbs is, you can make your own judgement. Then, you can try experimenting with the right amount of carbs for you. You can experiment with the types of carbs you eat. Is fiber really good for you? What happens when you ingest a lot of fiber? Do you feel better or worse? Do your health indicators improve?

3 Steps To Experiment With Your Life

Step 1: Journal Your Baseline

The first step to experimenting with your life is acute awareness of yourself. Can you predict what I’m going to say here?

No, it’s not meditate:-) Though you might want to experiment with that too. It’s journaling!

For 30 days, don’t make any changes to your world except to journal. You need to establish a baseline for your experiment. How do you feel today emotionally and physically? If you are doing a financial experiment, what do your finances look like today? How’s your cashflow? What is your net worth? Do you have any residual income?

Even if you think the topic is unrelated, be sure to document the current state of every aspect of your life. If you experiment with your diet, you might spend more or less money. Your relationships might change. You never know.

Step 2: Choose ONE Thing

The second step is to choose one thing to change for 30-90 days. Some folks say that you could build a habit in 21 days. Maybe you can, but it takes me 30-90 days to really feel the effect of a change. 90 Days is also my wall.

Once again, this is your life. You can figure out the best duration for you. The key is only one thing. No sweeping changes. You can treat this like a science experiment. If you change 2 much, you won’t be able to determine what worked and what needs tweaking.

Step 3: Take Action

Third step? Go do it!

This is where the fun begins. You can play with your life. It’s all yours. In the end, you will answer to yourself. Did you do everything you wanted to do? Did you see everything? Did you live on your terms? Were you in integrity?

What’s the first thing you’re going to try in your life experiment? Tell me in the comments below. Go on…

Nneka, Working Mystic
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