Why Your Affirmations Don’t Work and The One Thing You Can Do To Fix Them

For many years, I tried affirmations to change my thoughts to no avail. I followed the 3 P’s – personal, present tense, positive. I repeated them day and night. I even wrote them down like lines. They were the least effective tool in my thought shifting arsenal. I even denounced them. All that changed when I stumbled upon the reasons why my affirmations were not working for me.

My affirmations were lies!

Affirmations are inherently lies. If the statement was true for you at the time, you wouldn’t be trying to use it. As practical as I am, I could not convince myself that I was healthy and wealthy when I had tremendous evidence to the contrary. I would repeat over and over, “I am healthy and wealthy.” It met the 3P’s.

It was personal. I.

It was present. Am.

It was positive. Healthy and wealthy.

It was a lie, and it was ineffective. My mind actively worked against me when I tried to convince it of this “Truth”. Forget repeating it like a mantra. Nothing was more frustrating!

Solution: Sprinkle in a healthy dose of truth

Instead of trying to make a quantum leap with your affirmation, try shifting just a little. Start with where you are with your situation and add a dimension that’s a stretch, but completely within your realm of believability.

For example, let’s say that you are 100 pounds over weight and your doctor just told you that you’re blood sugar is in the diabetic range. You panic a bit and decide to use everything at your disposal to shift this diagnosis around.

You try to use the affirmation: I am healthy. It sounds like a load of crock, but you persist. This stuff’s gotta work right? At the same time, you decide to eat healthier, but it’s a struggle.

What is most true for you in this situation?

I am healthy. Bullsh!t!

I make healthy choices. Yeah right, I wouldn’t be here now if that were true.

I can make healthy choices. I suppose I can.

I choose healthy food. Not yet, but that can be true for me.

Today, I choose healthy food. Solid reminder. I can use that at the beginning of the day!

Your new affirmation is: Today, I choose healthy food.

It’s true for you. At the beginning of each day, you can repeat it to yourself. Before each meal, you can say it as a prayer. It’s not perfect, neither are you. You might slip up one day, but the next you can try again. If a day is too much, you can change it to: At this meal, I choose healthy food.

You can even try: My healthy food choices are improving my health. A little softer, but it is more believable for you.

For affirmations to be effective, they have to have a healthy dose of believability. Otherwise, you are fighting with your mind. Who wants to do that?

If you need help tweaking an affirmation to make it more effective, add it to the comments. We can work on it together.

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

7 Responses to “Why Your Affirmations Don’t Work and The One Thing You Can Do To Fix Them

  • Candace
    6 years ago

    How wonderful! I, too, have been so dubious about affirmations and always have a “yeah, right!” whenever I say them to myself. I love this incremental idea – this is what I can do today, or in this minute to improve my life. Brilliant, Nneka!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Nneka, that’s wonderful. I can see how that will work much better than using an affirmation that simply doesn’t feel true. Very helpful indeed!

    Many thanks,

  • My affirmations were lies!….Your new affirmation is:….

  • maxcine battle
    6 years ago

    please help me to get on track w this weight thing………….i need a new beginning …i’d like to be a part of your news letters

    • Hi Maxcine, there are 2 resources I highly recommend for weight loss: Fitocracy.com, an online community dedicated to changing lives through fitness; and If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose the Weight by Brooke Castillo.