How to Curb Your Rambling Mind

I spend a lot of time stressing the importance of having a spiritual practice, or in simpler words, spending time with yourself. It’s a tough discipline because when you get still all the crap that is in your mind thinks it’s party time.

“You’re never going to lose the weight.” “No one’s going to ask you out looking like that.” “Where are you going to find the time to fit THAT in?” “What about the money?” “Where the heck did you come up with that cockamamie scheme?”

Your rogue thoughts finally have an audience, and they are taking full advantage.

No need to fight. Let your mind have its way!

When you start your practice your thoughts are going to run wild. That’s to be expected. You never paid attention before. You’re always trying to shut them up with food, alcohol, exercise, work, shopping, or some other drug of choice. Your thoughts want to be heard. Let them know that you hear them, then gently turn your attention to your practice anchor.

Your practice anchor is an internal focus point. Most times it is your breath. Some other practice anchors might be your heartbeat, or a mantra, or checking in with your body from head to toe.

If your practice is silent sitting meditation, acknowledge the thought and gently bring your attention back to your breath. A simple “I hear you” will do the trick.

If your practice is journaling, write until all the gobbley gook is out, then ask, “What does Spirit have to say?”

If your practice is walking, running, or any other physical activity, acknowledge the thought, then gently turn your focus to the feel of your body and your breath.

How do you curb your rambling mind? Do you have a practice anchor? What’s your favorite practice anchor?

Nneka, Working Mystic
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10 Responses to “How to Curb Your Rambling Mind

  • You are so right about the monkey mind thoughts! And what bothers me most about them is that they tempt me to doubt genuine intuitive messages because they interrupt me right in the middle of them. So annoying!

    Sometimes I think that is part of the reason I avoid my spiritual practice. But I’m so glad to have found you because you are a daily reminder.


    • Mystic Kelly
      9 years ago

      Those thoughts reek havoc. I still have trouble discerning the difference. They do cause a lot of self doubt. I just keep at it moment by moment. I’m getting better at distinguishing the difference.

      The best cure is following through on the inspiration. That’s the only way I know it’s for real. Then, I trust it more.

  • Hi there, just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and linking to my art journal post. That is definitely a practice, and yet I don’t do it as often as I’d like. From your wise words I can see the anchor is missing. I’m going to have to work on that. Thanks!

    • Mystic Kelly
      9 years ago

      Hi Patty, I loved your art journal post. I love your writing in general. I want to be able to write that well one day. Your style is very conversational and personable.

      What would you choose as an anchor for your art journal process? Do you get so immersed in the process that all the rambling thoughts take a back seat? How do you bring yourself back to the process?

  • Is it wrong that after years of trying to curb my crazy thoughts, I’m actually starting to enjoy them now? 🙂

  • malunggay56
    8 years ago

    Bothers me most about them is that they tempt me to doubt genuine intuitive messages because they interrupt me right in the middle of them. So annoying! | 😛

  • I have too many friends in my head! That’s when I start to create. Creating an earring for each of them. Some designs larger than others. Afterwards I name them. I’ve turned thoughts in my head into a business, creating clip on earrings for women!

    • Hi Antreina, at least your friends are cheering you on and inspiring you. That’s good rambling:-)

  • Hello!
    Yes, and thats a good thing. Thanks for your response. Bless you!!!

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