43 Things To Do When You Stop Watching Television

Over a year ago, I stopped watching television. In fact, I don’t even own a television. It’s saved me money, freed up my time, and given me back my opinions. When I tell people I don’t have a television, they always respond with shock and awe, followed by either admiration or scowl.

I usually get the following questions:

  • What do you do with all that time?
  • How do you know what’s going on?
  • Don’t you get bored?

Here are some answers:

  1. Save $2000 a year from cable and electricity.
  2. Engage in your life instead of watching people pretend to live theirs.
  3. The average American spends 28 hours week watching television. Reclaim your time.
  4. Make love passionately for hours.
  5. Visit another city, state, or country on your savings.
  6. Go to the spa every month.
  7. Go salsa dancing.
  8. Take bellydancing, yoga, pottery, name-of-the-class-you’ve-always-wanted-to-take-but-didn’t-have-the-money-to classes.
  9. Learn to invest.
  10. Pay off your debt.
  11. Read a book a week.
  12. Enroll in courses for a degree.
  13. Get a part time job.
  14. Cook.
  15. Start a business.
  16. Become a Toastmasters’ Competent Communicator.
  17. Canvass for your favorite presidential candidate.
  18. Develop your spiritual practice.
  19. Take bellydancing, yoga, pottery, name-of-the-class-you’ve-always-wanted-to-take-but-didn’t-have-the-time-to classes.
  20. Exercise.
  21. Acquire leadership skills by serving as an officer in your favorite organization.
  22. Screen your news.
  23. Get information from consciously chosen sources.
  24. Create your own standards for living.
  25. Visit museums.
  26. Create your own beauty standards.
  27. Experience joy.
  28. Meet your neighbors.
  29. Talk to your neighbors.
  30. Make friends.
  31. Reconnect with friends.
  32. Explore the city you live in.
  33. Attend concerts, dance recitals, and plays.
  34. Visit local art shows.
  35. Discover music.
  36. Plant a garden.
  37. Get a pet.
  38. Go for aimless walks.
  39. Watch birds, lizards, and other creatures.
  40. Babysit for a friend.
  41. Search for the Truth.
  42. Date yourself.
  43. Go to bed and wake up early.

Guess which 5 I haven’t done 😉

In Spirit,