Top 3 Ways I Grow My Email List

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Top 3 ways I grow my email list

My email list is REALLY sticky.

By sticky I mean, it’s responsive and it doesn’t erode even with a couple launches a year.

The reason my list is sticky is because of HOW I grow it. To me, list building is cultivating relationships, as opposed to increasing a number.

I totally enjoy – savor really – cultivating my tribe.

There are 3 ways that work well for me.

#1: Facebook Groups

Not in the way that you’re thinking.

I don’t post my lead magnet or tell people to PM me or write my before and after story with a flashy photo.

I treat Facebook groups the way I treat networking events.

I attend. Sit back and observe. Chat with a few people. Ask a lot of questions. Join in conversations. Provide solutions when asked.

I don’t walk into a room and announce myself or try to push my card into attendees hands.

In fact, I purposely take just 3 business cards to networking events only to share if I really connect with someone.

Same thing with Facebook groups.

It’s a fun, light, enjoyable play space for me.

I’m there to share, gather information, chime in, and, most of all, HAVE FUN!

From there, I make friends. People research me, or ask for something I’ve already created on Woo Biz Coach and they join my list.

No pressure. No sleaze.

Just good old fashioned connection.

#2: Guest Posts

Every time I do a guest post, I have about 50 people join my list from the initial post and they constantly trickle in after.

For example, I did a guest spot about money and the Law of Attraction on the Good Vibe Blog in 2014. 50 Good Vibers subscribed to my list and about one a month continue to pop up.

How did I get the guest spot?

I asked.

But not until I was an avid reader on the Good Vibe Blog. I commented. I participated in the discussion. I connected with fellow Good Vibers.

It was organic and fun.

One day, I made a comment that was turning into an epic post. Folks kept asking questions. So, I made the suggestion to Jeannette that I write a post about it.

She said yes.

The rest is history.

While I enjoy being a guest on interviews more than guest blogging, guest blogging has had a greater effect on growing my list. I suspect it’s because if you’re listening to an interview or podcast, you have to stop the process to type in the URL. Whereas, on a blog, you click the link and you’re there.

#3: Webinars

Webinars have proven useful in converting existing followers into subscribers.

For example, the first webinar I did, Pack You Parachute, converted close to 75 people who were fans on my Facebook business page into subscribers.

Webinars work as list builders because they are time sensitive and topic specific.

It’s value-rich, exclusive, limited content. Like honey to bees.

I would do more webinars, BUT they need to be promoted.

I use that energy for sales.

When list building becomes a bigger priority, I’ll probably do more webinars.

When will list building become a bigger priority?

When I’m ready to do more group programming as opposed to one on one coaching.

Soon grasshopper. Soon:-)

In the meantime, I do one or two webinars or masterclasses a year to keep things fun.

There are several other tools I’ve tried and employ, but these are my top 3 go-to’s.

What’s your favorite list building strategy? Share in the comments.

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

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