Tell Me About Yourself: Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been so overwhelmed with presidential duties at church, writing and publishing serious posts, working my day job, and trying to sell my house that I feel like I’ve forgotten how to have plain old fun.

What? Fun and spirituality together? Why yes! Spirituality doesn’t have to be all pious and pontificating. It is the activity of expressing Spirit. Sometimes that doesn’t involve sitting and meditating. Gasp! Sometimes it’s enjoying some of life’s guilty pleasures.

My number one guilty pleasure is chick lit. Romantic fiction that’s written in the girl is unhappy with life, girl wants boy, girl finds herself, girl gets boy style. I love it!

So, let’s take a break today from some of the more serious forms of spirituality and talk about some of the things that warm your heart, but that you might not think fall under the “personal development” umbrella.

I’ll give you another one: anything Beyonce 🙂

What are your guilty pleasures?

In Spirit,

Nneka, Working Mystic
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8 Responses to “Tell Me About Yourself: Guilty Pleasures

  • Hi Nneka,

    I am right with you on the feelings of imbalance, friend. Due to various personal goals and responsibilities, I spent a few weeks feeding Intellect and pushing aside Body and Self. Boy, that is such a mistake!

    One of my favorite guilty pleasures is napping. I can think of 20 things that I COULD be doing with the next 45 minutes, but sometimes I just let myself surrender to a joyous nap on the couch, in a sunbeam with my dog on my lap. AAaahhhh.

  • I guess my guilty pleasure is like yours. Being a guy, I go for those “guy flicks” 🙂 I’m talking about the HBO shows like The Sopranos and Entourage.

    Victory!! (inside joke from Entourage)

  • Hi Gayle, I hear you on the naps. I have to have a nap every weekend otherwise I feel like I’m constantly going. Can’t do it during the week though. It messes up my sleep schedule.

  • Hi Al, I never got into the Sopranos or Entourage, but another one I love is Big Love. I don’t have a TV now, so I’ve lost all track of the great HBO series.

  • John H
    11 years ago

    Hi Nneka! This is John H from UCT… just found your blog. GREAT work! I have several guilty pleasures… watching videos/DVDs is one of them, some actually worthwhile watching (those with “Morality Messages” – oh my!), but some with no redeeming value whatsoever… one of my favorite romantic comedies is “Notting Hill” with Hugh Grant (a cad in real life, but a wonderful actor in my humble opinion) and Julia Roberts… best line is “After all… I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” I love the rainbow of diverse, odd characters, very real life – lots of crazy, funny, tragic, but very real people. Keep up the good work! TTFN 🙂

  • Hi John, how cool! I just love it when people from the real world stumble into the virtual and vice versa.

    I’m a fan of Notting Hill myself. That and Love Actually, it’s my favorite movie of this decade.

    See you at church 🙂

    In Spirit,

  • I have to agree with John. DVD’s are my favorite guilty pleasure. I love all kinds of films. I seldom watch tv, but one tv show I really like is “Monk.” Since we don’t have cable, I pick up one or two DVD’s of the show, and enjoy a “Monk” marathon, when I really want to treat myself!

  • Hi Ruth, I haven’t had a movie marathon in ages. Sounds like a good rainy day to me 🙂 Don’t have a television though 🙁