A Tale of Surrender

When my husband and I separated, I left behind 80% of the things in the house. My plan was to have the house empty the weekend after we moved out so that I could prep it for sale. I requested that he remove all the things from the house and I would take care of getting the house ready. The request was not honored. He left behind a house filled with trash and unwanted items.

I was livid.

When I pulled up on Saturday morning with my laundry list of things to do, I was immediately overwhelmed by the additional task of emptying the house. I went on to Home Depot to get supplies to power wash the siding, but I was still fuming. I’d made 3 trips to home improvement stores (plural) to get the items that were most effective.

On the final trip, I thought to myself, “Ram (my main guide), you know that I’m pissed and I am only seeing red. Clearly, I cannot continue to hold on to this and I cannot give up because I have to sell the house. Please just help me to let go for an instant so that I could see a way out.”

Ram replied, “Are you willing to let it go?”

I laughed, “Not really, but I’ll give it up for a few minutes. I can rant once I get some help. Besides, I could probably work off the anger.”

I took a deep breath as I parked the car and experienced an eerie sense of calm. For the moment I relented.

As I entered the Home Depot for the 4th trip, I was relating my tale to the helpful, and, might I add, fine ass attendant, when a woman approached. She overheard a portion of my tale and asked if I needed help with some housework. Oh, do I!

Turns out Pam, that was her name, had 6 handy brothers. She immediately started calling down the list, first the painter brother, then the carpet cleaning brother, then the carpenter brother. AND, she had a friend that did house cleaning.

The next day, two of Pam’s brothers and one of their sons came over and removed all of the junk from the house and cleaned the carpets. The carpets looked like they were new after 7 years of wear and tear. The day after, one of Pam’s brothers came over and cleared the garage and fixed up the front door jamb. Later on that week, I discovered Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which helped my walls to look like a fresh coat of paint was applied. I power washed the siding with outdoor bleach and the garden hose.

Later that week, the cleaners came to put the finishing touches on the house, and TADA, the house was in move in condition.

Had I insisted on being angry, I may have not have noticed that the attractive attendant was standing at the door. I may not have opened with an amicable conversation, albeit rehashing my plight. I may have snapped at Pam for being intrusive. I may have dismissed her offer to help as solicitation.

Instead I surrendered. In the moment of surrender, I experienced peace, just for the moment. I opened myself up to unique possibilities. I stopped resisting and started allowing.

In Spirit,

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

3 Responses to “A Tale of Surrender

  • Wonderful for you!
    This just illustrates what is often said, but not often seen: when one is clear and intentions are correct, what you need will come.

    Om Shanti….

  • mervyn
    12 years ago

    Renunciation is one of the secrets of life as described by Depak Chopra in his book of the same title. Another reference to renunciation is made in the 12 power meditation by Charles Roth ” the Christ spirit of GOD is helping me to release and let go all that is false, all that is outworn, all that is limited and all that stands in the way of my spiritual unfoldment. ” And I … had a serious dose of nenunciation at the end of my visit to Mali. You can literally kill yourself if there is no release of unproductive thought, words or actions.

  • Gayle, that is completely true. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment.

    Dad, funny that we’re doing the 12 powers at church now.

    In Spirit,