Why Building Your Website Should NOT Be Your Top Priority

Why building your website should NOT be your top priority

When you start your business, there are a gazillion administrative tasks that need to be completed.

Open a business checking account. Form an LLC. Get an FEIN. Start a merchant account. Build website.

But how important is your website in the first $50,000 of your business?

Well, you need to have a store front – Home, About, Contact.

Beyond that, you need to focus your attention elsewhere.

Here’s why…

No one ever says, “I want to work with you because of your website.”

What do they say?

“Your talk on taking the leap from corporate to my own business really gave me something to think about. What do I do after?”

“I saw that you helped Janelle make $14,000 in a month. I want you to do the same thing for me.”

“Oh! I’m glad you called! I’m stuck building my healing practice. I need your help.”

What should you focus on instead?

Building Relationships

I’m sharing this because I made the classic mistake of focusing on my website and eZine my first year – with NOT ONE CLIENT (or dime) – before I realized that I needed to TALK to people.

Now, it’s my go-to for clients in start up.

All businesses are built on relationships.


It doesn’t require any technical skills or a budget.

In fact, I bet you already have relationships that you can cultivate and nurture to become working relationships – customers, clients and partners.

So, here’s my challenge for you this week…


Go out and talk to 5 people about your business!

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • I’m thinking of doing ________________________ (your course, workshop, or webinar). Do you know anyone who would be interested?
  • Where do you shop for _________________ (your product)? What do you look for when you buy it?
  • Do you have a problem with _________________________________________ (problem that you solve)? What solutions have you tried? What worked?

Let me know how it goes:-) Join the conversation on Facebook!

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

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