2014 Business Breakthroughs

2014 Business BreakthroughsIn the hub-bub of 2014 end of year, I didn’t get a chance to do any round up posts. But I’m doing it now:-)

2014 was my first full full-time year in Working Mystic. I launched Woo at Work, served over 20 clients, doubled my list, spoke at my first conference, and – most important – kept the ship afloat.

Along the way, I found several resources that impacted the way I do business. Most of it had to do with mindset. Makes sense because business is 20% strategy, 80% mindset.

Here’s what I learned…

Dan Andrew’s True Business Model

The second half of the year, I drastically reduced my private coaching rates. My clients asked why.

This is the reason.

Dan Andrews’s True Business Model revolutionized my approach to offers and pricing.

The model is simple: 10 True Clients, 100 True Customers, and 1,000 True Fans.

A true client is willing to invest at least $1,000/quarter with you. A true customer pays $1 a day to engage in your community. A true fan spends $100 a year on your products and services.

The model is scalable.

In full mode, it nets you close to $200,000 a year.

Starting out with no list and want to make 6-figures?

Focus on serving 24 true clients for the first year. OR serve 12 true clients for $2,000/quarter.

Want to make your first million?

Multiply the model by 5.

You can mix and match so that the model works for you.

I’m a systems person, so I love tinkering with different components to find just the right blend. It’s one of the services I provide for my Live Out Loud clients.

Launch by Jeff Walker

I LOVE this guy!!!!!

I found out about Jeff Walker’s Seed Launch at a mastermind retreat. It’s the system that I used to launch Woo at Work. I had 22 people sign up!

What do I love about Launch?

It’s engaging. You offer what your customers want. You get paid to create a product if you don’t have one. You build community WAY before you start selling anything. Word spreads naturally.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is money flow.

One month things are going great. You’ve got 10’s of thousands of dollars. The next 3 months…NADA!!!

How are you supposed to stay afloat like that?

Profit First gives a simple formula to distribute cash in your business as soon as it comes in. It’s similar to bucket budgeting. For example, if you make under $100,000, EVERY TIME money comes in the door, you would send 50% to your personal account for owner pay, 15% to an account for taxes, 5% to an account for your profit and leave 30% in your business account for business expenses.

That’s assuming a particular business structure.

The model for Profit First also let me know what to target for an income goal in my business. The first couple years were a shot in the dark. Profit First combined with the True business model set me up for a doable year.

Go For No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

You wouldn’t think a book titled Go For No would appeal to an active Law of Attraction practitioner, BUT…

It turned selling into FUN!!!


Before the book, I hated asking for ANYTHING.

The book encouraged me to approach asking as a game. I started small by asking for personal things in my life. Then, I moved into asking for small things in my business like referrals and FB likes.

As I practiced, my asking grew bigger and bolder. Asking for money for my services – aka selling – shifted from paralyzing fear of failure to fun, engaging conversations with clients.

Matthew Ferry’s Sales Paradigm

Go For No transformed my fear of failure and rejection as it pertains to asking.

Matthew Ferry’s sales paradigm blew the roof off!!!!

I was in search of a sales paradigm based on attraction, rather than persuasion.

Before my coach introduced me to Ferry’s sales paradigm, I thought that my job was to convince potential clients to work with me. I was taught by gurus to position and lead clients to take the leap, as if they didn’t want that for themselves.

This all felt very upstream to me – wayyyyyyyyy to much efforting.

My top tenets of Ferry’s sales paradigm are:

  • The people who show up in my life are already a “yes” to my products and services. That means no convincing is necessary. Potential clients already want what you’re offering. You’re having a conversation to see if you’re a fit.
  • I ENJOY co-creating desired outcomes with my clients. I SOOOOOOOO do!!!!! I love helping my clients succeed. I love see it/touch it/feel it results. I love helping them with the shift that gives them an “ASTOUNDING year with over $34,000 sold in the 4 months we worked together”. I love, love, love my clients
  • My highest goal is to feel good. My feelings are emanating out of me like a giant magnet. This is Abe 101 and I forget it sometimes. When I feel good, I inspire effortlessly. I don’t need to motivate myself or anyone else. When I feel good, I am tapped into an unlimited energy supply. When I feel good, I am connected and tuned into my clients. It is worth it to me to cultivate feeling good.

Now, when I’m selling, I feel like I’m in a dance. My potential client is looking for someone who has what I offer – business coaching with an LOA twist. We’re having a conversation to see if we’re a fit.

Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions

Thank you Danielle for pointing me back to my why.

I started the Fire Starter Sessions when I started half marathon training in July. Every Thursday after training, I would head to Starbucks and journal on the exercises in a session.

Danielle brought me back to my core desired feelings.

I always ask my clients how they will feel when they achieve a goal. I ask because I know what they really want is the FEELING. Sometimes, there might be a better way than to go through the goal. I also insist that they pursue the goal with the same feeling that their reaching for.

That’s how you enjoy your journey.

But, coaches need reminders too:-)

That’s why we have our own coaches and continue to read and attend seminars and workshops and go on Abe-a-licious cruises.

Danielle reminded me.

Once I got back to my core desired feelings, I realized the I LOOOOOOOVE teaching metaphysics. I LURVE business consulting – business models, marketing, money flow, planning, and strategizing. Not only do I love it, I’m REALLY good at it.

So, I brought Working Mystic back to those two things.

Woo at Work to teach metaphysics.

Live Out Loud private coaching for business consulting.

More than that, I believe that leveraging metaphysics – wielding the Woo – in your business multiplies your income exponentially while you provide less and less effort.

You can truly work less, play more, and make TONS of money!

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Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

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