How to Do a Rampage of Appreciation

Thank You!!!One of my favorite Abraham-Hicks processes is the Rampage of Appreciation.

It’s a great process to use when you’re already feeling good in general or on a particular topic. It’s allows you to acknowledge what’s going well and to multiply it.

Not to mention, it sends you into the STRATOSPHERE!!!

I like to do my rampages after I exercise. My body is pumped full of endorphins. Blood is zinging around. I can feel my muscles and joints. I’m already high.

So, I start the rampage there.

What’s going well?

So, the first step in the Rampage of Appreciation is focusing on an area in your life that’s going well. The area in which you feel most joyful.

For my clients who are rock stars at work, that’s where they start. For parents, it’s usually your kids or your home.

I start with my body because I usually do the rampage when I’m done exercising.

Tease out the positive aspects

Now it’s time to get specific:-)

Start with words and phrases.

If you’re focusing on work for example, your rampage might start like this…

Money. Office. Light. Privacy. Team. Perks. Travel. Points. Vacation. Freedom. Ownership. Autonomy.

Build your momentum

You’ll find yourself thinking faster than you can write.

That’s great!

You’re on a roll and deep into your rampage. To build on that momentum, start with these phrases…

I LOVE it when…..

I LOVE doing…..

…is SOOOO beautiful to me!

I totally enjoy….

Enjoy the stratosphere!

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

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