Do I Need to Take Action with the Law of Attraction

Time for actionI run. And I practice Law of Attraction.

I work. And I practice Law of Attraction.

I travel. And I practice Law of Attraction.

Come to think of it, I take a LOT of action.

And I LOVE it!!!

One of the top questions I get from the Woo Crew has to do taking action within the context of the Law of Attraction.

After spending a lifetime MAKING things happen – with good results, it might be confusing when you embrace a philosophy that claims that things come to you.

And they do.

But, you still live in the physical world. You’re moving from the moment you wake up. So the real question is…

WHEN do you take action?

It’s a good idea to take action with the Law of Attraction when…

It’s fun

The name of the LOA game is to feel good. When you feel good, you attract more good feeling things.

One of the easiest ways to feel good is to have fun.

Fun isn’t necessarily going out to party.

For introverts, fun might look like snuggling up on the couch with a good book, or an easy walk on the beach, or hike through nature.

Where does fun fit on your priority list?

It brings relief

Sometimes, you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A classic example is the choice between creating your own business and staying in your day job.

Creating your own business feels like fun. It’s refreshing. Creative. Joy-filled. Empowering. Freeing.

But when you think of leaving your day job to start your business, you feel stuck in fear.

Some coaches say feel the fear and do it anyway.

Here’s a different approach…

Which one feels like a sigh of relief?

Your response may surprise you.

More than that, you’ll probably open the way to even more options. Ones that bring relief AND feel creative, empowering and freeing.

You’re bursting to do it

My favorite action is when I’m brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness. When I feel compelled. When I’m in the flow. When I just leap off the edge!


Sometimes, I stick with that feeling and cultivate it. I let it build momentum within. I savor the thought of the action before executing.

By the time I pull the trigger, I’m just bursting!

Most times, it’s in the arena of work.

It’s the EUREKA! feeling you get when you find a solution. Or the anticipation that you feel before a first kiss.

It’s delicious action.

In Law of Attraction circles, we call it inspired action.

When prompts you to take action?

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

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