3 Ways to Stay Calm When You Feel Like Freaking Out

In 2007, when I got back from my freedom trip in San Francisco, I parked my car at a friend’s job. I always parked there. When I came out to leave, my car was missing.

In 2011, after my first Abraham Hicks cruise, I got home after 3 weeks and my car was…missing.

The day after my trip to Mexico, I went to Michigan to speak at my first conference. I could barely do my talk because I came down with a wallop of a cold. The following week, my shoulder went out…in yoga.

I had an easier re-entry after my most recent Abraham Hicks cruise. Still, I turned on my computer one day and couldn’t open my browser. A week after, my iPhone went on the fritz and refused to come on – leaving me with a flip phone.

It seems that after life-changing events, I experience a freak out.

The irony is that I don’t.

I’m so high after these events that when they happen, my response is somewhere between laughter and calm.

The stark difference between the life-changing event and the situations after force me to spot the difference between how I would have reacted before and how I’m naturally responding now.

My mind plays tricks on me. At those moments when I’m calm or laughing in the midst of the freak out situation, there’s a voice that screams…


It’s because I automatically practice these techniques…


First line of defense is always your breath.

It’s always with you.

Even when you can’t think, you can still breathe. No devices are necessary. You don’t need to reach for anything.

You only need to remember to that it’s still there.

When you take deep breaths, or even just focus on your breathing; your nervous system starts to calm down, your mind begins to clear, your heart stops racing.

Your breath is instant calm.


We’re really hard on ourselves.

Want proof?

Find a child and tell them all the things that you say to yourself in the next 24 hours.

You wouldn’t dare, would you?

Why is it okay for you to talk to yourself that way?

Rather than take out the baseball bat and start hitting yourself in the head with it when you’re freaking out, try reaching for some soothing words.

“No worries:-) It’s all good.”

“All is well.”

“Well-Being abounds.”

“It’ll be okay. This is just temporary. It will get better.”

Freak the Funk Out

Here’s the permission you’ve been waiting for.


Sometimes, you just have to freak the funk out. Yeah, you heard me. Just let it out. It’s all good anyway.

Get in your car. Turn on some Eminem. And just SCREAM!

Or cry. Or whatever you need to do to feel better.

Once it passes – and it will – try one of the other techniques.

How do you stay calm in freak out situations? Do share in the comments below.

Nneka, Working Mystic
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