Fun, Friendship, and Flow on the Abraham Hicks Canary Island Cruise

If I had to sum up the Abraham Canary Island cruise in 3 words, they would be fun, friendship, and flow.

What a time we had!

Last year on the Mediterranean cruise, when they announced Canary, I knew it was a no brainer. Cruising. Canary Islands. Abers. Spirituality.

AND…Best of all, my 40th birthday!!!

Nneka's 40th Birthday celebration on Celebrity Eclipse


Nneka partying on Celebrity EclipseOur laughter was cantankerous and contagious. Dinner topics ranged from auras to blow jobs. We partied all night and were up early to hit the ports.

Thank goodness the seminars started at 1:30! (Except for one day when I threatened not to show up, but still did.)

The thing about Abers is that fun is defined differently for everyone. For some, it’s chilling in the Persian Gardens – the serene sauna, steam room, and ceramic beds overlooking the ocean. For others, it’s up all night partying with DJ Dekade.

I can go either way.

A few days of serenity and solitude in the Persian Gardens did me well. BUT, I take every opportunity I can to dance. And then, of course, there’s dress up!


The best part of these trips is the reunion. It started in London at the O2 after the Abraham-Hicks seminar.

Over 50 of us gathered at Wagamama, some cruisers, some not – all Abers.

It was a great opportunity to connect with friends from Med who weren’t coming on this trip, have first time in person meetups with Facebook friends, and, of course, reconnect with long-time friends and fellow cruisers.

Friends after Abraham Hicks seminar in London

The reunion continued in Azores, Portugal when 27 of us rented 2 cars and 2 vans and set out on an adventure up to Twin Lakes and throughout the island.

Abers in Azores, Portugal


On my first Abe cruise (Alaska 2011), my friend Rico would tell you that I was uptight. I was so uptight that we didn’t become friends then.

He was going with the flow, following his intuition, enjoying every morsel of the cruise. I was sticking to my schedule of booked shore excursions, serious seminars, and ship activities.

While I got a lot out of Alaska, I missed a key component of the Abraham teachings…

Life is supposed to be FUN!!!!!

Ease is the order of the day.

Growth is inevitable. (I don’t have to MAKE it happen.)

I could just go with the flow.

Well, on the Mediterranean cruise, I followed Rico’s lead. By Canary, I had it down. Now I run my life this way.

Wake up in the morning and ask, “How do I want to feel today?”

Most days, my words were fun, friendship, and flow.

Get dressed. Head up to Ocean View cafe for breakfast. See who I rendezvous with. Ask what lights up for us.

It ALWAYS turns out perfectly!

One day, my friend Chris had a dream of dolphins. So, that’s where we headed. Dolphins we did see!!!


On Tenerife, I wanted some quality time with Rico and he wanted to live like a local. So, we rented the smallest car that the company had – European style – and took a tour of the island. We discovered the many climates of Tenerife. We had so much fun, we almost missed the ship.


Authentic food and climates on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

On other days, we chilled at the beach.

Coconut cream on the beach in Fuerteventura

All day, every day, we had leading edge conversations.

Some of them serious, somber, totally as you would imagine at a spiritual retreat. Some of them in the middle of the night, half asleep, punctuated with raucous laughter. The best of them, a combination of the 2. Completely normal and every day, but steeped in the Abraham Hicks philosophy…

The basis of life is freedom.
The purpose of life is joy.
The result is growth.
Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

2 Responses to “Fun, Friendship, and Flow on the Abraham Hicks Canary Island Cruise

  • Christina
    4 years ago

    Perfect timing for this! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed all week and you’ve helped me see why: I stopped having fun!

    I feel better already. 🙂

    • Hi Christina, so good to “see” you:-) Glad you’re feeling better.

      The concept of prioritizing fun and making it part of the fabric of our lives is so foreign. Way to much emphasis on hard work and not nearly enough on ease, joy, laughter, and fun. Imagine what life would be like if everyday you were in it for the fun of it?