10 Habits for a Highly Successful Life

There’s a meme going on, and I’ve been hit by Rick, Lyman, Sania, and Karen. Inquiring minds want to know what I do on a daily basis to be successful. I have a few habits that I am currently building and a few that are in bred, but I want to hear from you first.

What daily habits do you have that help you to be successful? Share them in the comments. I’ll be back later on today to share mine 🙂

I’m back 🙂

In order to tell you what habits help me to be successful, I’ll have to share with you my idea of success. Success to me is living an on purpose life, a life in which I express God in every moment, I experience radiant health, abundant prosperity, and soulful relationships, and a life where I am heightening spiritual awareness. The degree to which I do that is the degree to which I feel successful. Success defined this way is changing moment to moment, yet can be evaluated over a lifetime. To be honest, at this point I feel highly, not wildly successful.

First there are the habits that I’m cultivating through the Life Transformation Program.


I can’t stress this enough: Having a spiritual practice is key to living a balanced life. My meditation time is a worry-free zone. It’s 30 minutes that I can be completely present, no thoughts of past or future (not even that day). It’s time for me to consciously remember who I am. Time to connect with God. Time to know and experience oneness with all that is.

On occasion, I receive profound insights and direction during my time of meditation. More often than not, it’s after the meditation that I find myself awash in ideas and instructions. Clear, concise, remarkable direction. I’ve learned to trust it and follow promptly.

I’ve also learned to take that time of consciously being present and extend it into my life. By being present, I mean that I am consciously aware of things happening to me, around me, and from me. That allows me to choose my mood, to pre-edit my discussions, and to recognize opportunities, which in turn helps me to have soulful relationships and financial abundance.


I am a self proclaimed anti-healthnut (no offense to the nuts 🙂 ). I’m overweight (actually obese). Exercise is my daily step towards radiant health.

It’s not just about moving my body. I’m a pretty intellectual chick. Exercise is time dedicated to listening to my body. From the habit of exercise and being aware of my body, I learned the difference between eating when I’m hungry and eating when I’m lonely. Rather than going by the latest fad – low fat, low carb, or high protein – I can discern the kind of nourishment that my body is asking for at meal time. By listening to my body, I can tell when I am full. I can also tell when I need rest before I get sick.

This might all seem elementary for some of you, but it’s a huge deal for me. I spent most of my life ignoring my body, beating it into submission, and listening to what other people thought was good for it. I am finally gaining some sense of being in my own skin.


I had no idea I loved to write until my back was against the wall and I started journalling. I was a math and science girl. Writing helps me to discover myself. It’s a medium to present my ideas. It’s helping me to raise spiritual awareness (I think). It’s helping to increase my fianancial abundance. Best of all, it’s helping me to shift careers.

Other habits that I have that help me to be successful:

Waking up between 5 and 6am – Getting up early ensures that I set my day up the way I want it to start with meditation and exercise.

Keeping the important list to 3 items – Right now there are only 3 things I have to do everyday: meditate, exercise, and write. Everything else falls in around it. Remarkably, I have the time to do everything in my day when I ensure that I get the important stuff done. Otherwise, I feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Sending love notes – I recently started sending my husband love notes via email. It helps us stay connected and keeps a smile on his face. I like that 🙂

Having a “fantastic” day – I picked this one up from my dad. Now, no matter how my day is going, when asked how I’m doing I say, “Fantastic!” I feel fantastic anyhow. I’ve noticed that I can feel fantastic even when a virus hits and 100 users can’t use their equipment for a week!

This is not delusion, I actually feel that way. It helps everyone around me to loosen up and we work much more effectively.

Reading daily – I read about 50 blogs a day and at least one page out of a book. The more I learn, the more I don’t know. It’s a whole new world every day when I read.

Eliminating television – It started with the news many years ago. Today I’m down to about 2 hours of television a week. The bad habit I have is that it’s usually when I’m eating. On occasion, I might indulge in a movie or a guilty pleasure (Making the Band, Sex and the City, or Real Sex), but by and large TV is out.

If you ever feel like you don’t have enough time, turn off your television. Besides freeing up your time, you will feel a sense of peace about you that is surreal.

Checking email in the evening – Otherwise known as last things last. I’m forced into this because I have a day job, but I will continue it when I run my full time endeavours. I love email because I can keep in touch on my own time. However, I used to be in the habit of checking it with every pop up. Now, I check it at the end and I can do everything in batch, much more efficient.

So there you have it, 10 habits that make me highly successful! One of these days I’ll share with you some metrics of success and where I am. For now, who wants to share their success habits? Go for it, I tag everyone!

In Spirit,

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

18 Responses to “10 Habits for a Highly Successful Life

  • 1) Wake early
    2) Always think positive
    3) Do my most important things first
    4) Try to simplify everything – possessions, clutter, thought process
    5) Exercise & eat healthy
    6) Always try to improve myself
    7) Learn from my mistokes mistakes

  • 1. listen to music
    2. Learning from blogs
    3. watch tv
    4. interact with people
    5. exercise
    6. play chess
    7. reading books
    8. do social work
    9. smile. 🙂
    10. sleep a lot

  • The most powerful one for me is also the simplest – rise early! I get my writing done at this time too, I’m just far more productive in the mornings. Apart from this I

    – read a LOT!
    – constantly learn
    – set goals
    – help others
    – make others smile
    – look for the silver lining

  • Thank you, Nneka. Meditation is a key for me. Getting up early I’ve never really understood. I do get up early, but that is only because I had children and now it’s a habit. My main requirement is some time alone every day. It can be morning. It can be evening. It doesn’t really matter when as long as I have space away from other people.

  • Paula
    11 years ago

    Hi Nneka,
    It’s me and I’m finally responding to one of your posts. I so enjoy reading them, just haven’t responded so far. Here is my list.

    1. Always eat breakfast.
    2. Meditate daily
    3. Listen to good music
    4. Get 8-9 hrs. of sleep a night
    5. Help others/volunteer
    6. Work on something creative
    7. Practice yoga
    8. Keep lists

  • Thanks, Nneka! I really liked you mentioning televisions. I’ve started trying to drop a lot of it, but I’m not going cold turkey anytime soon… it seems like all of my regular guilty pleasures are cartoons, though! 🙂

  • Such great ideas from everyone!

    A special wave to Paula 🙂 Welcome!

  • Give something every day, whether it’s a charitable donation, an act of kindness, some volunteer time. I find that if I put out positive energy in a tangible way every day I am more relaxed, happier and have a greater flow of good things coming to me.

  • Nneka,
    Just wanted to thank you for participating. It was a fun and enlightening for everybody.

  • when I was read your message.I’d like to read it more.

  • nneka
    11 years ago

    hello my name is nneka as well I googled how to be successful and this came up..it was very insightful

  • Alauddin
    11 years ago

    In my opinion following are the guidelines for a successful person

    Set your goad first
    Do work hard
    Do not hurt anyone
    Get Prayers of parents and elders
    Respect younger and senior
    Always think positively
    Courage and confidence
    Face the challenges
    Continuous planning

  • *** Value Your Friendships ***

    People many times don’t even realize it is their “true” friends that will make them happy and feel successful.

    It is one of the easiest things to do (be a good friend) and it can bring so much joy to both parties.

    You shoud not only remember their birthday, but also other important things that they are doing or has happened in their life (this is especially the case when you do not see them that often). There is nothing worse than having to repeat yourself every time you meet up with them.

    It shows sincerity when you care enough to remember things about a person (or friend for that matter)

  • Abraham
    10 years ago

    – always be honest for yourself and for others
    – be with God
    – welcome competition
    – do everything regular
    – think positive
    – be awake
    – do not waist your time
    – respect people even a child
    – be dependent on yourself
    – research about unique people’s actions
    – don not believe on something proof less

  • hi Nneka..very informative and well thought out. Your ideas are refined. My personal experience taught me that the contrary to popular belief that thought is powerful, i feel the ACTION is more powerful than THOUGHT. Therefore, the MORE you act the BETTER the results would be. Too much of self or auto suggestion OR artificially elevated positive feeling does not help AS MUCH AS A REAL ACTION. SO ACT SWIFTLY, SEVERELY AND CERTAINLY.


  • vandna chaudhary
    8 years ago

    1.get up early
    2.be honest incase of his works.
    3.not believe in meaningless thing.
    4.be true in relations.
    5.care everytype of life.
    6.don’t waste his time in wastagething.
    7.believe in nature.
    8.be hardworking for every work.
    9.be confidient in all situations .
    10.always be positive .

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