How to Prolong Your Conference High

It happens to the best of us.

You attend a life changing conference. It’s exciting. Lots of ideas. A community of people who think like you do. Ideas flowing like the land of milk and honey.

And then, you get home…

Reality hits.

No community. Same job. Annoying coworkers. Loving, but demanding family. Crash and burn.

How do you sustain that conference high?

How do you leverage it? How do you implement all those cool ideas you had? Right now, it just seems SO overwhelming.

It happens to me too.

I attend at least 3 conferences a year. I learn a lot and I’m surrounded by people just like me.

When I first started going conferences, I would get caught up in the rah-rah. For 3 days after the conference, I would try to implement everything that I heard from the speakers. And 3 weeks after, I would be right back where I started – or worse, feeling dejected and disappointed in myself for failing at my conference to-do’s.

After going through this cycle for a few years – conference high and post conference crash – I realized that I needed to create a conference off ramp.

The conference off ramp is a safe space to collect ideas, integrate them, and implement them so that you can have lasting change.

Collect Ideas

Throughout the conference, you’re taking notes in spurts. It’s a TON of information, but it’s not really cohesive. When you get home, you look at your notes and can’t make heads or tails from it.

What’s the solution?

Before I leave every conference, I take a couple hours to do a brain dump – one page for aha’s and another page for to-do’s.

No need to edit, just write out everything that you can think of while it’s fresh.


Most conference participants leave the conference on the last day and go directly into their lives. You want to tell EVERYONE in your world ALL about the conference and they keep asking.

You become an evangelist.

Thing is, when you left, you were one person with one set of beliefs, one set of notions on how you do life, one set of limitations.

At the conference, you went through an intense experience – fresh perspective, tons of information, a room full of people in total agreement with you.

When you go directly from that intense experience back into your life, it feels like a crash because you haven’t given yourself a chance to integrate and become stable in any of your new ideas.

For every day you’re at the conference, schedule a day post conference to integrate.

Integration time doesn’t necessarily mean time physically away.

Integration time is space for you to internalize the information you received.

During this time, keep your aha’s and to-do’s to yourself. They are very delicate in time right after the conference. You no longer have the support of hundreds of like minded people. It’s you and your loved ones who knew you post conference.

When asked about the conference, you can stay general. “It was very informative.” “I really enjoyed being around people with the same goals and ideas.” “I learned a lot.” “I’m still percolating.”

After integration – share away!


You know that to-do list you created on the last day of the conference…now’s the time to pull it out and start taking action.

I know this is easier said than done. Do you know why?

You have no support!

Things were easy when the guy on the stage was telling you what to do and everyone at your table was nodding right along with you.

Back home, it’s just you.

The most important component for leveraging the conference high is having the community when you’re back home.

Whether it’s a Facebook group, a mastermind, or a coach, when you leave the conference bubble it’s important to have a container to walk into.

How do you prolong your conference high?

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

8 Responses to “How to Prolong Your Conference High

  • Oooh…love this after conference action plan! I like that you break it down into Ahas and ToDos!! There is so much information at conferences, oftentimes it’s hard to wade through it all. So, it’s definitely a good idea to go back through and sort the information.

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the UpLevel conference. May have to check it out next year!

    • Hi Jennifer, conferences are always great for the feel good. I highly recommend Uplevel Live. But, the real value is in the months and years after. Implementation is key:-)

  • A couple of days after the UYB Live conference, I was asked by another participant how I was reintegrating. “Seamlessly,” I said.

    I have experienced the crash before, but not this time. And I attribute that to taking action RIGHT AWAY. A combination of integrating new information, consolidating not-so-new info, and a large dose of ‘getting things done!”

    Thanks for the post!

    • Isn’t it awesome to leave the event and smoothly re-enter your life Monique!!!! I LOVED having our business meeting over dinner. You are SO good at what you do:-)

  • Jackie
    4 years ago

    I have to agree with Monique. I’m not expressing a crash thus far. Coming home and getting to work has helped me a lot. The more I sit on information, the more I slow down in my actions. The action list from UYB really helped me with my next steps. Nneka, I do like your dump method to keep it all fresh. I actually had to use this method when I got back to work to remember what I had on my plate. After leaving UYB, I literally forgot I had a day job 🙂

  • Lana Shlafer
    4 years ago

    Nneka! You just wrote a post that I’ve been meaning to write for the last 6 months. I even have a draft titled: “What To Do After a Spritual High Wears Off”. I LOVED your suggestions! I have also learned over the years to take the time some time after each event to settle and ground before diving back into ‘regular’ life. And the integration piece is huge, which is why I constantly seek and expand my community and those that can support me! Great post, as always!

    p.s. How do you and Jennifer Kennedy know each other? I just met with her for coffee the other day (she is also a B-schooler and lived 5 minutes away from me!) and we had a wonderful connection!

    • Hi Lana, so good to “see” you! Integration is my word for alignment. When I jump into action before alignment, I will get results, but it’s SO upstream. No fun there:-)

      I know Jennifer from her blog which I found through Sage Grayson. I know Sage from Uplevel Academy. We just saw each other at that life-changing conference. Small world, huh!?