Fab 5 On Friday 02/16/07

People, people, you are making this so difficult. Between discovering new blogs, the exquisite content on my frequent reads, and the A-listers kicking it up, it’s taking all my restraint to stick to just five.

But I did 😉 Here’s this week’s Fab 5 on Friday:

As we get on the goal achievement train ride, it might be easy to take the express and miss the stops in between. You should always take the time to savor your success and celebrate your milestones. A house is built brick by brick. You can do the same with your life.

Buddhism applied to blogging. Darren, the consumate blogger, turns to the advice from a buddhist monk to learn how to deal with a hack attack, or hate campaigns.

Imagine running in a marathon with your CEO and over 100 of your co-workers. I want in!

Having trouble deciding on the perfect career for you? Check out Dumb Little Man’s Steps to Choosing the Career That Fits.

Morning is the best time to get things done. Here, here. I wake up at 5 to exercise and meditate before going into work. When I don’t, the exercise doesn’t get done, and it wreaks havoc on my day. Getting things done in the morning gets them taken care of first and it sets the tone for your day. You might have to wake up at 5am, but it is totally worth it.

What’s your fab 5 this Friday?

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