Fab 5 on Friday 02/09/07

This week I wanted it to make it Terrific 10 on Thursday, but I stuck with 5. There are so many fabulous articles (they’ve risen above posts) in the blogosphere. It’s fantastic!

Want to spice up your sex life? Head on over to Dan and Jennifer’s for lots of good tips. My favorite, the sex date box:-)

Angela introduces us to a unique organization, that trains the homeless to run marathons. The idea behind it? Replacing bad addictions for good ones. All things in moderation as the saying goes, but sometimes in order to kick a bad habit you need to shift your energy and attention to something positive.

Naked Pastor exposes self help gurus in his post 10 Confessions of a Self Help Guru. You might find it ironic that I’ll highlight this post since I’m an aspiring “guru”. Fear of guru-itis was one of the reasons I hedged on doing this for such a long time. Suffice it to say, the post is a great word of caution. In the end, let you conscience be your guide.

Do you want to change the world? You can start by breaking your own limits. Liz ponders what the world would look like if she stopped saying, “I can’t.” She even shares a powerful, rhythmic edict.

This one isn’t a post, but they do have a blog. I’ve been waiting for weeks to find the right place to talk about it, but either I forget or it’s not the right post. So, to heck with it. Introducing Favorite Run, a site dedicted to running, with a cool tool that’ll let you map your runs/walks/rides and let you log them. You’ll learn this about me, I’m fascinated by all things running.

I know there were hundreds, if not thousands of articles around the blogosphere this week. Have you read any?

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  • hey, thanks for the mention and the link. to be honest, much of the 10 confessions are tongue-in-cheek… but warnings nevertheless. like your site!

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