February ’07 Blogtipping

I’ve wanted to blogtip from the time I got tipped by Rick on Shards of Consciousness. What a neat idea!

First, I’ll tip Kirsten Harrell of Think Positive!.
1 – Great concept! I wish I thought about it myself. Kirsten provides daily affirmations and mixed in there are longer posts with musings, and messages.
2 – Beautiful design. The logo is simple, yet memorable. If you forget the URL of the site (shame, shame, bookmark it) and you have to Google it, you’ll know the site once you get to it.
3 – Kirsten is a professional psychologist. Most bloggers, like myself, write from personal experiences, which are not to be discounted, but it’s great to get information from someone who has witnessed the lives of many others.
Tip – I love the daily affirmations. It would be great if the title of those posts contained the theme of the affirmation. It’ll help the readers and do a bit for SEO as well.

Next, my hat goes of to Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life.
1 – Kudos for giving Creating a Better Life it’s own home.
2 – You bare your soul on your blog and that takes a lot of guts and courage. Take one of your recent posts, “What to Do When You Quit“.I really admire you for keeping it real.
3 – Starting the Personal Development Carnival (which incidentally, also has a new home), was a great idea. I still think it’s the best place to come if you want to mingle with all the personal development bloggers. Thanks for keeping it going. BTW, if anyone’s interested in hosting this carnival, you can contact Lyman at ldrjomaat [at] gmail [dot] com.
Tip – You are doing great things. Keep up the frequent posting. I worry when I don’t see anything from you in a while.

Finally, I’m tipping Terry Starbucker, the optimist 🙂
1 – Each post is like a bowl of hot soup on a winter’s day. You have to savor it.
2 – You are a great resource for other good personal development blogs with very positive messages. You don’t write fluff and you don’t promote it.
3 – Terry is also a contributor at Joyful Jubilant Learning.
Tip – You’ve got tons of great content, but the font is difficult to read.

Feels great to be able to recognize a few of my daily reads. Kirsten, Lyman, and Terry you are great assets to the blogosphere. Keep your inspiration, experience, and optimism flowing.

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

4 Responses to “February ’07 Blogtipping

  • Some great blogs, Nneka! Easton will be proud.

  • Thanks so much for blog tipping me! I appreciate your feedback. It means a lot to get feedback from other bloggers I admire – like yourself. I appreciate the the tip… recently I thought about adding the affirmation category as I was searching to see if I had already posted an affirmation. It would definately make it easier for readers to navigate – I only wish I had started that from the beginning. 🙂 You also make a good point about SEO.

  • Wow, thanks, Nneka! I’ve been wanting to do some tipping myself for awhile… and I missed it… again! OK, I’m going to my Google Calendar NOW and setting a reminder a week before the first of March…

    Kirsten and Terry are good company to be in…

  • Thanks Nneka! I very much appreciate your kind words and advice. I always wondered about the blog presentation- is the difficulty with the font size, color, contrast, or all three? All the best!