Today I Choose To Feel Terrific

This morning I reluctantly woke up to go to work. I skipped meditation and exercise to get the extra hour and a half and still felt grumpy. As I turned the corner onto the street on which I park and pulled into a spot, I stopped myself. An internal dialog started.

*Me: You know you’re choosing to be grumpy don’t you?

me: Yeah, yeah, I know.

*Me: Well, it’s okay as long as you know you’re choosing.

me: Actually, it’s not. Grumpiness only takes me down a spiral. I don’t feel much better once I start down that path. I think I’ll choose to feel TERRIFIC. Yes, that’ll be my word today, TERRIFIC.

*Me: Terrific no matter what? Whether or not you get a lot of comments or clicks? Whether or not you get deluged by tickets? Whether or not you’re micro managed?

me: Yes! Terrific!

Now you may think that all this is just hocus-pocus crap, and it might be, but it worked. As soon as I made the decision, a squirrel jumped in front of me and startled me right out of grumpy. By the time I got half way up the block, I really was feeling terrific. I started smiling for no reason. I even let out a chuckle as I attempted to describe the weather. By the time I got to the security desk, I was beaming.

Guess how the day went? You betcha! Several comments and clicks, a light day at the desk, and a long lunch which allowed me to join a group for meditation. It was TERRIFIC!

How are you choosing to feel today?

In Spirit,

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

6 Responses to “Today I Choose To Feel Terrific

  • I don’t think it’s hocus-pocus! A lot of people are talking about how a person’s thoughts determine their reality.

  • Great Post Nneka!
    Absolutely Right!
    If I wake up and choose to be happy everyday, eventually I won’t have to choose I will be happy.

  • I am totally with you on this. Thoughts directly impact our mood, emotions, and attitude. The best part about that is that we can choose our thoughts. Thanks for sharing your process with us!

  • Change your mind change your life and it really works in those moment to moment decisions.

    Thanks Brian, Craig, and Kirsten for stopping by and adding to those comments 😉

  • This is the best way in the world to conquer depression! Take responsibility and control of your attitude. Great article. Great attitude.

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