Today I Choose To Feel Terrific

by Nneka Kelly

This morning I reluctantly woke up to go to work. I skipped meditation and exercise to get the extra hour and a half and still felt grumpy. As I turned the corner onto the street on which I park and pulled into a spot, I stopped myself. An internal dialog started.

*Me: You know you’re choosing to be grumpy don’t you?

me: Yeah, yeah, I know.

*Me: Well, it’s okay as long as you know you’re choosing.

me: Actually, it’s not. Grumpiness only takes me down a spiral. I don’t feel much better once I start down that path. I think I’ll choose to feel TERRIFIC. Yes, that’ll be my word today, TERRIFIC.

*Me: Terrific no matter what? Whether or not you get a lot of comments or clicks? Whether or not you get deluged by tickets? Whether or not you’re micro managed?

me: Yes! Terrific!

Now you may think that all this is just hocus-pocus crap, and it might be, but it worked. As soon as I made the decision, a squirrel jumped in front of me and startled me right out of grumpy. By the time I got half way up the block, I really was feeling terrific. I started smiling for no reason. I even let out a chuckle as I attempted to describe the weather. By the time I got to the security desk, I was beaming.

Guess how the day went? You betcha! Several comments and clicks, a light day at the desk, and a long lunch which allowed me to join a group for meditation. It was TERRIFIC!

How are you choosing to feel today?

In Spirit,

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