21 Success Affirmations That Will Boost Your Confidence

21 Success Affirmations to Boost Your ConfidenceAffirmations are a tricky thing.

Most people use them to convince themselves of something. You can use affirmations that way, but it’s the most ineffective – not to mention HARD – way to use them.

Here’s the scenario…

You make an attempt at something, like your first program launch in your business. You want 20 people to sign up. It’s a week before and only 4 people signed up. You pull out the affirmation, “I am successful.” You repeat it yourself over and over and nothing happens, or maybe one more person signs up. That’s when you get high and mighty and proclaim…

Affirmations don’t work!!!!!

And that’s when I say to you, as a client, “Too far too fast:-)

It’s not that affirmations don’t work. You can convince yourself that you are successful by repeating it. However, it would take longer than a week AND, here’s the key…

You would have to be a LOT less resistant.

Affirmations are most effective – and easy – when you use them to feel…Just. A little bit. Better.

Success affirmations are no different. You need a different one depending on how you feel about your success within the situation.

On that note, I’ll share with you 21 affirmations that really work WHEN you use them at the appropriate level.

Success affirmations to use…

When you KNOW that you are successful

1. My success is inevitable.

2. My success is assured.

3. I am in stride with the upward, progressive movement of life.

4. I RAWK!!!!

5. I AM successful!

When you don’t know the next step to take toward success

6. I am finding my way.

7. All is well in my world.

8. I am ever expanding.

9. My path is unfolding for me.

10. Everything is unfolding perfectly.

When you feel disappointed in your attempts

11. I am getting better and better at this.

12. I’m just getting started.

13. I am learning new ways of doing things.

14. I’m further along than before.

15. Things are improving slowly.

16. I LOVE to learn!

When you feel like a failure…

17. I am learning.

18. I love and approve of myself.

19. I am enfolded in love.

20. I am whole.

21. Everything I need is available to me NOW!

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

4 Responses to “21 Success Affirmations That Will Boost Your Confidence

  • Hi Nneka,

    I love this post! It just came at the right moment! 🙂

    I love especially how you divided the affirmations into specific areas – success, disappointment, failure,…

    I actually never looked at affirmations this way but it makes perfect sense when you see it in front of you.

    So would you say you change your affirmation for something – like your business – on how you are feeling at the moment?

    Lets say your goal is to help a certain amount of clients a month.

    When you have a great day, you say: “My success is assured.” And when your day is less than ideal you say: “I am learning.” OR “I love and approve of myself.”

    Do I get this right?

    • Hi Marina, so good to see you today:-)

      That’s EXACTLY how it works!!! More than that, you don’t need to wait until the end of the day. Check in with yourself throughout the day. How do I feel now?

      Depending on how you feel, pick an affirmation and repeat it to yourself:-)

  • Nneka, this is excellent advice regarding affirmations! I believe affirmations definitely work when used properly. I especially love your last one: Everything I need is available to me NOW. I am currently in the midst of launching a small business with friends, and we don’t have that much money but we know that we want to move forward. This type of affirmation — “Everything I need is available to me NOW!” — is something that I’ve been saying a lot. And in the midst of that, I discovered some unique and creative ways to use the “free” resources that are available to us to get this business started instead of just waiting for more money to come along. It’s been an amazing shift!

    • Lori, don’t you just love how life arranges itself to yield to you EXACTLY what you need? It is all right here right now. You just need to be open to it.

      Good allowing in all of your endeavors! Your success is assured:-)