New Year Preparation – Take Action

Action is the underdog of personal development. You can spend hours, days, months, even years doing inventories, cleaning up, and setting goals, but without action all of that is a moot point.

To be clear, busy-ness is different from focused action. Often, we keep ourselves occupied on little things that seem important in order to avoid taking action that will lead to the completion of our goals. I have a classic example. One of my goals is to publish a post to this site every week. I completed the first paragraph then took a look around my office. All of a sudden I felt the urge to put away all the items that were on my desk.

That’s busy-ness!

If you find yourself doing this, return to your important task immediately. Tell yourself that the time will pass regardless. At the end of 30 minutes would you prefer to have a clean desk or a lean body. You could distract yourself from going outside for your daily walk and rationalize that you need to clean the house, or you can go for your walk, and guess what, the house will be there when you get back. If it bothers you that much, you’ll find the time to clean it up.

In the last step, you took the time to break your goals down into small, measurable, achievable, actionable steps. Rather than make another list of tasks, then another list of priorities, then another list of to-do’s, start taking those actionable steps.

When you start completing actionable steps, you feel accomplished. The more accomplished you feel, the more actionable steps you take. You might start out with 3 actionable steps, like the ones I outlined in the Life Transformation Program (exercise for 30 minutes, meditate, write). As you notice that you can get those things done, you add another step (submitting an article a week).

As you complete actionable steps, the world starts conspiring to bring you what you want. You are more aware of the opportunities that are available to you. Since you are in action mode, you don’t hesitate to seize them.

When you complete actionable steps, you feel inspired to challenge yourself to kick it up a notch. You may have started out at 30 minutes of exercise a day, but you licked that, and you increase to 40 minutes a day.

Focused, consistent action on your SMART goals lead to the completion of your Big Audacious Goals.

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Nneka, Working Mystic
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