Personal Development Carnival: 10-22-06 Edition

Welcome to Balanced Life Center!

It is my honor to present to you this week’s edition of the Personal Development Carnival – a collection of 31 posts on all things personal growth. Topics range from changing your belief system, to the Jewish Mussar Movement, to the importance of hard work. Enjoy the robust selection of reading to feed your soul!

My contribution this week is a post on enhancing your meditation practice: 3 Meditation Tricks to Help Keep You Present.

Ten Money Questions for Gina Trapani posted at Queercents – Nina presents an interview with Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker. Queercents asked Gina a few questions about personal finance, consumerism and her history with money.

Reflection in Nature posted at Wa Salaam – A contemplative post on importance of the moon, or by analogy, reflection. Well done Abu.

The Fire Within posted at Reb Chaim HaQoton – Kishnevi distills the teachings of the Mussar movement.

Healing Bulimia and Addictive Eating (Part 5) posted at Christine Kane – Empowering ideas on healing in general, not just bulimia. I have to go back and read the whole series, you should too.

Pennies From Heaven posted at – Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul – Raymond presents a way to identify the signposts from the Universe that mark out path.

How To Know Who You Are In 20 Minutes posted at A Better You Blog – As usual, Patricia provides a meaty post that will lead you to learn more about yourself. As the name of the blog indicates, you will become a better you.

How to Effectively Manifest Beliefs posted at Shards of Consciousness – Rick suggests changing your beliefs by stretching a bit beyond your comfort zone.

3 Golden Rules of Goal Setting posted at Personal Development Ideas Blog – Gleb helps us to achieve our goals while enjoying the journey.

The Secret of Highly Productive People posted at My Bubble Life – What’s the secret? Well, you’ll just have to mozy on over and read the post.

No Substitute for Hard Work posted at Grow With Chess Blog – Once again, John translates his lessons from chess into salient points on life. “Success in chess is directly linked to
the amount of work you are willing to put into it. Life is exactly the same way.”

Developing Charisma – Lessons from The Dog Whisperer posted at LifeTraining – Online Observing the Dog Whisperer provided Erich with some insights on how to develop his presence and influence others.

Secrets of Changing Minds: Travel Through Time posted at Life Coaches Blog – solve your problems by shifting your perspective and seeing the solution from the end.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes In Goal Setting (and how to avoid them): #1 posted at Practical EQ – Phrase your goals positively in order to get a clear picture of what you want rather than reinforcing the idea of what you don’t want.

Levels of Dreamtime Work posted at Dream Speak Spirited Dream Interpretation – Jenny explains to us the different levels of dreams. The blog is about her dream interpretations. Quite intriguing!

Similarities Between Building Wealth and Staying Healthy posted at My Wealth Builder – Leverage what you know about wealth building for a healthier life.

The Strength of Weakness posted at Welcome to Nellywood! – Nelly explores the benefits of yielding. You may appear to be weak, but, in reality, you are exhibiting great strength.

Forgiveness posted at Mystical Realm – “Forgiveness is a very personal thing we do for ourselves, not for the person we forgive.” Read the article to find out how to heal your life through forgiveness.

Repairing Fences posted at Passion, People and Principles – Making ammends is a necessary part of any relationship. David shares some wisdom on how to do so gracefully.

Why Leaders Never Assign Blame posted at J. Timothy King’s Blog – Taking responsibility gets problems solved. Tim writes about the pitfalls of assigning blame.

9 Tips for Interviewers posted at Reasoned Audacity – I featured this post earlier this week in my Carnival Round Up. Lo, and behold, it was entered in this week’s Personal Development Carnival!

Readers are Leaders posted at The Buck Stops Here – Tom presents a few of his insights from a conversation with a kindergarten dropout.

6 Common Communication Barriers posted at LifeTutorial – Jeffrey presents 6 techniques to avoid when communicating: criticizing, diagnosing, excessive praising, excessive questioning, advising, and diverting.

Negotiating posted at Steves Goal – Looking to improve your negotiation skills? Pick up some helpful tidbits from Steve.

Introverted Traits That Can Hold You Back posted at How to be Cooler – If you’re interested in breaking out of your shell and expanding your network, check out this post by Chris.

Being Effective With People: Part 1 (Listening) posted at Verve Coaching – Learn how to be an effective listener to build your relationships.

Steve Jobs – Lessons from iCon posted at – Chris shares what he learned from reading the book iCon which examines the comeback of Steve Jobs.

Getting Organized – Finding Ways to Keep Track of it All posted at ProjectMoment – Travis presents some technological options to get yourself organized.

6 Excuses Why People Don?��t Save Money posted at Fraud Files – Examine this list if you are having some problems saving.

Ten Years Ago and Ten Years From Now posted at On Careers and Life – Try this exercise to get some perspective on the life you have today.

To CONsult or to be brilliant? posted at – Having been a consultant myself, I can’t say that Peter has it all wrong, but you could have given them a tiny break.

Napoleon Hill?��s Law of Success Podcast Series – A Definite Chief Aim posted at Cultivate Greatness – The notes for this podcast introduce us to the idea of setting a definite aim. Be sure to listen to the podcast to learn more about this concept.

That concludes this week’s Personal Development Carnival. Next week’s carnival will be hosted by Lyman at Creating A Better Life. To participate in future carnivals, submit your post via Blog Carnival’s Submission Form.

Thanks for visiting the Carnival and Balanced Life Center. Come again soon 🙂

Nneka Kelly, Woo Biz Coach
Nneka works with budding holistic practitioners and Woo Biz Owners to honor your intuition while creating systems to grow your business.

8 Responses to “Personal Development Carnival: 10-22-06 Edition

  • On my post “To CONsult or to be brilliant”, of course I’m being stereotypical in my views. I’m sure there are some good and honest consultants. I’ve worked with top consulting houses, and sad to say. my experience hadn’t been very favorable. Anyway, once again, great carnival!

  • Hi Peter, for the most part, I actually agree with your post. It was difficult to see it there in black and white. Didn’t mean to cause a rub.

    One day, I’ll be one of those consultants that actually bring something to the table.

  • Thank you for the kind remarks on my post and blog. You did a great job on the carnival!

  • Nneka, thank you so much.

    Your help with the carnivals was terrific. I even got myself together enough to send a link to a post or to to a couple of them. This does seem to be a great way to get out (without getting out) and meeting others in a meaningful way.

    Thanks you so much.


  • Thanks Patricia, I really enjoy putting the carnival together. Like David said, I feel I get to know you a bit. Your posts are always thoughtful and well written.

    David, it was my pleasure 🙂

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