How I Attracted 6-Figure Income Playing Money Games

How I attracted 6-figure income playing money games

At one point in my life, I gave up on trying to find fulfillment in the material world. I decided to go completely inward – become a mystic. After years of concentrating on my spiritual development, I finally got to the point where I felt completely connected to the Source of all.

I found fulfillment and satisfaction. I was in Love.

At the same time, I realized that I’m here – on planet earth – to experience the material. I realized that the material and spiritual are not mutually exclusive or in opposition to one another. The material is an expression of the spiritual. It is like ice to water. The material is made manifest and interpreted through my lens of beliefs.

So…I played with it. I started with a focus on improving my financial situation.

Why money?

Money is measurable. It impacts every aspect of our lives. Having money feels like freedom. And, well, at the time, I was struggling financially:

  • I was forced to do a short sale on my home and left with a home-equity loan, but no home to live in.
  • I was $15,000 in credit card debt. My credit was shot.
  • I had less than $2,500 savings only because my employer was taking it out of my paycheck against my will.
  • I felt severely limited with my spending.

With that decision, I discovered Money Games.

The Leaves Game

My first game was the Leaves Game. Here’s how it works…

Take a look out of your window now. Even if it’s winter where you live, there are trees with leaves, and there’s grass. There are plants with leaves. Shrubs. There are leaves on the ground. Leaves are everywhere.

Now, take a drive to a nearby park.

See how many leaves there are?

There’s even more money!!!

I started to see the leaves around, everywhere, all the time. Every leaf, every blade of grass – a dollar bill. All around. Totally available.

I embraced the idea that money is just energy made manifest.Click to tweet

With the Leaves Game, I got that money is everywhere, yet it still felt out of my reach. It felt elusive.

That’s when I started playing the…

Allowance Game

Playing this game increased my income by 40%.

Throughout the day, I simply said the affirmation to myself whenever I thought of money.

It’s a soft, but effective affirmation that I reveal in the Freedom Factor.

Next, I added…

The Wallet Game

Here’s how it works.

You take $100 and put it in your wallet.

Let’s say you’re walking through the mall when you spot that $98 patent-leather, plum-colored Coach wallet. Your immediate reaction is that it’s so decadent and frivolous. Why would someone spend that money on a wallet? I can’t afford that!

That’s when you remember that you’re carrying around $100 in your wallet. And you say, “I could if I wanted to.”

That thought feels like freedom. That thought feels like I manage my money well. It feels like I’m making a choice.

I took it a step further. By this time in my financial journey, I had 3 months living expenses in the bank because I wanted an emergency fund. One day, I was sitting at the airport and I saw a group of high school kids about to take a trip. I thought to myself, “I really want to be able to sponsor a high school class trip annually.”

On the heels of that thought, I remembered my savings account and said, “I could if I wanted to.”

That caused a cellular shift in me. In my mind, only rich people could to that. Only philanthropist, people who made at least 6-figures.

But I could – if I wanted to. I could, which meant that I’m rich. I make 6 figures. I’m a philanthropist. I could if I wanted to.

The Leaves Game made me aware of the abundance available to me. The Allowance Game opened my channels so that I could receive that abundance. The Wallet Game gave me the feeling of freedom that I yearned to have with regard to money.

Within 3 months of starting to play the games, I won the lottery, bought a car, and changed my job which increased my income by 40%!

Over 3 years, I went from struggling with money to financial comfort with 6-figure income.

In the Freedom Factor, I go into detail with these 3 money games AND share a bonus technique I taught a client for a quick windfall.

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

2 Responses to “How I Attracted 6-Figure Income Playing Money Games

  • I’ve been thinking about this post all day and tonight one of your points came home for me. I was thinking about how I love to shop at this particular store. For my birthday, I got two gift certificates there. Now I keep thinking, “I can buy something there if I want to. I have the money.” And oddly enough, that is enough: that I can buy something there IF I WANT TO. I’m going to take this post to heart; my yard is full of money trees. Thank you!

  • Hi Mamie, you could if you wanted too:-)

    It’s such fun to mold energy in any way we wish. Have fun with these games!