Is God All Good?

There is a discussion on Erin Pavlina’s site about good and evil spirits. She talked about there being no evil person, then went on to say that there are evil spirits. I commented that that cannot be the case, and someone else asked why we assume that pure consciousness is good. Why can’t it be good and evil?

Truthfully, no one knows for certain. Science has not caught up. Our intellects can’t grasp it. The world offers evidence to the contrary. So some of us work from the paradigm of pure consciousness being all good by assumption, rational, inference, or intuition. (Throughout this site I use the terms consciousness, Spirit, and God interchangeably.)

I started off in the assumption camp. I was taught that there was only one presence and power in the Universe and that it was good. I experimented with thinking that this might not be true, but having been taught this from birth, I was biased in favor of the all good theory. My experiences during those times though indicated to me that believing that consciousness was all good was more helpful to me in life.

When I started to question life in my late teens and early 20’s, I developed what I like to call the lens theory. Again, I interrogated from the assumption of pure consciousness being all good. In order to explain evil, I deduced that we must be filtering consciousness or Spirit. That explained a lot.

In personal development circles, consciousness is explained as a neutral field that sends back to us whatever we put out. It’s like a mirror. That way when we put out good, we see good in the world. When we put out “evil”, we see evil.

Not one for larger than life characters, real or imagined, alive or dead, I never really identified with a spiritual avatar. That said, many people infer that Spirit is all good because the examples of God on earth were all good. People like Jesus and Buddha embodied Spirit so completely that they walked around saying things like, “the Father and I are One.” As embodiments of Spirit they practiced extreme compassion and unconditional love – qualities that inferred that God is all good.

Consciousness in and of itself is a difficult phenomenon to grasp. That it even exists requires some assumption or faith. Today, when I submit that God is all good it is mostly through intuition. It is a feeling that I have in my bones. I could try to explain it to you until you are blue in the face (sick of hearing me say it), but you probably won’t understand it until you have your own experience. At the very least, you have to come to your own understanding in a way that resonates with you. Something that makes sense to you.

Understanding whether consciousness is good or a blend of good and evil can be difficult. However, it is even more difficult to live from the place that says it’s all good. At least for me anyway.

What about you? Do you think that Spirit is good, neutral, a blend of good and evil, or something else? How did you come to your conclusion?

In Spirit,