The Many Modes of Manifesting

many modes of manifesting

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We are manifesting ALL the time.

Everything is created. Some things through drudgery. Some through joy. Even when it’s an agonizing type of joy, like birthing something new.

There’s a spectrum of manifesting based on your mode of awareness. I like to use the analogy of the ocean.

I love going to the ocean because it represents the most Infinite I can be. If I’m at a good spot I could look clear across and see nothing but water. Nothing inhibiting it.

So when I meditate I often visualize the ocean. If not the ocean, then water in its different states.

Here’s something that I do with my ocean analogy to shift my manifesting mode.

Mode 1: Distinction

First, I imagine that I am the wave.

Just on top bouncing around, oblivious to what is beneath. I can see other waves on top. They seem to be made of the same stuff, but they all appear different, distinct.

Life is competitive and transactional.

Everyone else is out there. Their own distinct waves.

In this manifesting mode, you feel like you’re fighting for everything you have, against everyone and all the other elements out there. Everything’s an even exchange.

In this mode, you’re not using any conscious manifesting ability. It’s likely you were here prior to hearing about the law of attraction. Everything you created was by the sweat of your brow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of that life.

When I find myself in this mode, I quickly see what I can of myself in the other waves, aka people. And I drop a level deeper to…

Mode 2: Connection

Next in meditation, I take a look down, deeper.

I realize that I am connected to something. Alas! It’s the ocean. The infinity that I see on the top, I realize I am connected to if I go just a bit deeper.

As you go through life in this manifesting mode, you begin to feel in sync. You feel at ease. You’re not in the battle anymore and the world seems to cooperate more. Even when it doesn’t you let it roll off.

Manifesting is more life visioning, planning, and doing. There’s still a significant amount of effort as your visualize – hard.

Most of the benefit I get from this mode is being at peace, but I’m still efforting more than I’d like. So, I go deeper…

Mode 3: Expression

Going a bit deeper, I realize that I am not just connected to the ocean, but it is expressing through me.

I am an individualized expression of it. My logic kicks in and I conclude that those other waves on top must be expressing also.

In this manifesting mode, answers come quickly. You become more productive. You feel cheerful. Life is humming along.

It’s question answer question answer. No delay in what you need to know to take the next step.

Inspired action comes easily. You feel like your steps are ordered. Like the yellow brick road.

At one point, I thought this was the jackpot.

Mode 4: Oneness

One day I realized that things go even deeper than that.

I allowed myself to just sink into the ocean and let go of the border that was defining me individually.

Interestingly, I began to see other possibilities, infinite possibilities and ways of expressing. Not only that, but all the resources of the ocean became available to me as a wave at that point and I was aware of it.

Ideas started flowing out with methods to implement them. It was up to me to put them into action. As I followed through step after step, my life began to unfold and change.

Sychronicities abound in this manifesting mode. Results are manifested much faster. In an instant, solutions are found. Rather than the months they may have taken to manifest in productive mode, they start to come about in days, sometimes hours.

Much less action is needed as you follow through on not just inspired action, but inspired ideas. Gem from your internal, eternal Self.

It gets even easier…

Mode 5: Allness

Expressed by mystics.

Realizing that the ocean is all that there is.

Immediate incarnation of your desires.

Desires are just a notion. Sometimes not even that.

A fluid exchange between what is seemingly yourself and all the other waves around you.

A fun sandbox!

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