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start today

Back in 2003, I quit my job and went on a retreat to find out what my life was all about. While I was there I got a clear message to start writing about True Self Expression.

I came back all excited. Got introduced to blogging, and secured this domain and a few others to pursue the mandate.

Then I started questioning…

“Who am I to talk about living in harmony, health and abundance? Who am I to talk about living on purpose?”

I decided that the objective of this site in particular was too big. I was going to work on acquiring those things first, then get back to the world on how to do it. In no time, I tuned the voice out. Things began to slip until recently I found myself in the same position, only worse.

This time, I LISTEN!

I start today, where I am, with what I have.

The site won’t be a daily account on how I’m doing on my quest. Instead, as I get guidance and learn new things, I will share them here. I will also share what I learned so far in terms of personal and spiritual development.

The first post: Start Today.

There will not be a better time in history to begin deepening your spiritual awareness and sharing your True Self with the world in your unique way. You are qualified to express your passions. You have all the resources today to do what you can.

Once you make the decision, a path will be made clear. The how will appear.

As you begin to execute those steps, your path will continue to unfold.

Before you know it, at the end of the day, week, month, or years, you will feel healthier, and more fulfilled. You will have access to all the income that you will ever want or need.

The trick is to start today!

Nneka, Working Mystic
Nneka serves spiritual seekers who desire to put the Law of Attraction to work to create the life of their dreams.

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